Vicarious Trauma Support for Lawyers

Why address Vicarious Trauma?

Helping people who have experienced trauma is very rewarding work.

However, bearing witness to people’s pain, has an impact on legal professionals. Hearing about people’s trauma, seeing the devastating impact of loss on clients lives, working with extremely distressed or angry clients, can all come at a cost.  This cost can be vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue.

If your staff are dealing with traumatised clients, it's essential that your staff build resilience to vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.


Building resilience to vicarious trauma:

• reduces the risk of high levels of vicarious trauma

• helps staff  work effectively with traumatised clients

• helps people stay engaged, reducing burnout and staff turnover.

A vicarious trauma support program to suit your team

Vicarious trauma is cumulative in nature. Medium to high risk teams benefit from regular opportunities to reflect on and process how the work with traumatised clients is affecting them.  There are several ways this can be done. Bernadette can design an approach that suits each of your teams.


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