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Bernadette is an experienced and engaging trainer.

She has provided training for a range of professionals including counsellors, social workers, psychologists, GPs and legal professionals.

She has a particular interest in:

• helping professionals to work more effectively with traumatised clients.

• increasing people’s capacity to reduce and manage vicarious traumatisation and compassion fatigue

• stress management, mental health and wellbeing, resiliency.

Tailored Workshops

Bernadette will work with your organisation to understand your particular needs and tailor training to meet those needs. Alternatively, one of the workshops below may suit your organisation

Current Workshops

Law and Vicarious Traumatisation

- Working effectively with traumatised clients and building resiliency to Vicarious Traumatisation.

4 hours

There are two components to this workshop – vicarious traumatisation management and working effectively with traumatised clients

The workshop aims to:

• increase awareness of vicarious traumatisation, its signs and symptoms

• introduce staff to strategies to build resiliency to vicarious traumatisation


• increase understanding of the impact of trauma

• increase capacity to work effectively with traumatised clients who are angry or distressed.

This increased capacity to work effectively with traumatised clients helps staff feel more confident dealing with traumatised clients and assists in building resiliency to vicarious traumatisation.


“Very supportive and knowledgeable trainer”

“Training was 100% suitable for my role as a lawyer.  Very Helpful.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found each segment both interesting and engaging.  I found the concepts all incredibly relevant and practical, with many opportunities for utilisation at work.  I found Bernadette engaging, incredibly knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to learn from her.”


Vicarious Traumatisation in Law

- Taking Care of your team.

2.5 hours

This workshop is for managers.  It aims to:

• increase awareness of both individual and organisational signs of vicarious traumatisation

• equip managers with organisational strategies to build resiliency to vicarious traumatisation

• provide an opportunity to further develop vicarious traumatisation management plans for their teams.


“The seminar was practical and not infused with jargon.  Bernadette has an understanding
of the legal sector.”

“It was really useful to learn and then immediately implement techniques in the seminar.”


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